What do you like to eat?

Thank you everyone for sharing your first responses!  Students of York and Franklin Lakes, what do you have for lunch in school?  What are some of your favorite foods?  It will be interesting to see if students who live half way around the world from each other enjoy the same foods!  This time let’s include some pictures!

Here’s what we eat for lunch in York.  You can see our lunches and listen to our descriptions on our VoiceThread.

If you have trouble viewing this VoiceThread or would like to see it on the full screen, click here.

Here’s what we have for lunch in Franklin Lakes.  What foods are the same and different?


39 thoughts on “What do you like to eat?

  1. Hello boys and girls! My favorite food is sushi and spaghetti. For lunch in school I usually have a sandwich, with a piece of fruit, and a healthy snack. My favorite sandwiches are peanut butter and jelly, turkey, and tuna. Tuesday is Pizza Day, so I join the the students and have a slice of pizza for lunch. Pizza and bagels are “staple” foods in New Jersey.

  2. Hi Everyone. I love sushi too but I don’t usually eat it for lunch at school. We call candy ‘lollies’ here, and we are NOT allowed to eat it in class. We are allowed to eat ‘brain food’ though. That’s fruit or vegetables to help our brains work better during the day. We’re going to be showing you what’s in our lunch boxes so you can actually see what we eat at school.

  3. Dear friends,
    for lunch I like to eat a Turkey and cheese sandwich or on Tuesday it is pizza day so I eat pizza


  4. Dear friends,

    Some of my favorite foods are cheeseburgers, steak, Chinese food, and Japanese food. I eat a Blimpie sandwich for lunch on Monday, pizza on Tuesday, and Chinese on Friday.

    Matt P.

  5. dear friends,

    I like to eat ether a bagel with ether butter or cream cheese. i also like to eat tacos, or chinese food I love chinese food . I also like pizza.

  6. Dear Friends, For lunch I eat Lunchables. They are mini lunches
    that have a drink and a little candy. Every Tuesday
    I get pizza.

    Jenna 🙂

  7. Dear Friends,

    On Monday’s I get Blimpie sandwiches. On Tuesday’s it’s Pizza Day! Usually I like to eat salad for the rest of the week.



  8. Dear Friends,

    At school I like to eat wonton soup and sometimes
    a sandwich. After school I like to eat pretzels and
    bagels with cream-cheese. Sometimes for a treat I like to have a cannoli.

  9. Dear Friends,
    I like to eat peanut butter and jelly, on Tuesdays I eat pizza for lunch


  10. To Friends,

    At school I like to eat a salami sandwich, jello, and Pringles everyday except Tuesday. Tuesday is pizza day. Yummy! 🙂

    Matt W.

  11. Dear friends,

    I often eat a turkey and mayo sandwiches. On Tuesday I have pizza . 🙂 Finally, on Friday I have luscious chinese food. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Caroline. I love seeing you blog so much! You are obviously enjoying our collaborative blog.
      We are really looking forward to Whisper’s arrival and are hoping that Boxer and Skipper arrive safely at your school soon.
      Ms Vivian

  12. Dear boys and girls of Ms. Vivian’s class,

    Wow! Ms. Ratner’s class was so surprised and excited when we saw your “Podcast.” We enjoyed hearing your voices and seeing the pictures of your lunches. I am hoping to learn how to do the same thing so we can share as well! I know my students noticed that you used some different words for several foods! We are curious to learn more about what these foods are! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Boxer and Skipper! We look forward to blogging more about our lunches this week!

  13. Dear friends,

    For lunch at school I like to have some nice chocolate muffins(they’re for recess), some nice party pies(from home not the canteen),and for extra some salad and stuff. At home I like to have lazzana (If its available and I don’t have it for snacks only for dinner), And sometimes I like to have tacos!(we rarely have them for tea) 🙂 , for snacks I often have an icy pole sometimes roleups, maybe cake, chips and stuff like that. I reallllly like fried rice!.

    From Elle 🙂

    • Ellie,

      I have a question sweet. What’s “recess” time. My students have recess time right aftey eat lunch. During this time they run around and play on the fields with eachother. They have a snack later on in the classroom where they will eat something light. It sounds like we do something simliar but use different words!

      • Recess here is sort of like having morning tea,It is also a bit like lunch but you have less food and less time to play after you have finished eating.

  14. Dear Friends,
    My favourite food is lasagne but I only sometimes like squid rings. I also really like quiche and tacos.
    When there is left overs after dinner of any of the things above I eat it for lunch the next day.
    OH ! I also like rabbit pie.
    From Abbey.

  15. Dear Friends,
    What do I like to eat? Water melon,
    rock melon, strawberries, carrot, chocolate,
    orange, apples, bananas, baked beans, choc chips,
    grapes, ice cream, fruit cake, toast, sponge cake,
    peaches, sandwich, cup cake, celery sticks, tomato,
    salad, cereal, fruit salad, chicken, honey crackles,
    spaghetti, lasagne, corn, mini pies, meringues,
    From Annie.

  16. Dear Friends,
    At school I like to eat a sandwich with cream cheese and dried apricots, an apple. Any other time I like to have sushi, pizza, fish and chips, chocolate, lasagne, water melon and chicken
    From Adam

  17. Dear Friends.
    I like to eat fruit salad in juice, popcorn, jelly, hard noodolls, chocolate cake, ice cream, pizza, veges. love Shayne

  18. hello,friends
    my favorite subject is art its my favorite subject because you get to make stuff like masks!! 🙂 and other fun stuff! ummmm…… gym is another of my favorite subjects i like playing fun game and stuff like that are gym teachers make up games too! are very fun~~~~


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