Never Ending Story

Perhaps that is the wrong title for this post, because the story will need to finish sometime.  This is an idea I have borrowed from Abbey (thanks, Abbey).

Read the story starter below and anything that has been added to it.  Then add your own bit of the story.  If you enjoy this, you may like to add to Abbey’s story too.  You’ll find it at

The tree in the middle of the forest was having a very bad day! First of all, strong wind had blown off two of her branches and now a kookaburra was sitting on another branch making a huge racket.  “That’s it,” she thought.  “I’ve had enough of this forest.  I’m leaving to find somewhere decent to put my roots down.”



In Franklin Lakes we have been preparing for the upcoming tests this week that all students have to take. I know that you also will be taking tests in Australia. Grade 3 is the first time that students in New Jersey take tests for the state. How do you feel about the test? A blog is a good place to get out your feelings and help friends by giving advice. Although we are half way around the world I am sure that the students of York and Franklin Lakes are feeling the same way! Give your friends advice and share your feelings! Remember that you can reply to friends posts! Good luck everyone!